Following are some Interior tips which can help you to transform your Home.

Your home should describe the tale of your Identity no matters whether it is a bungalow or flat.

If the room needs to be very attractive use mixing of three colors and  Paint a smaller room in light and soft colors, it helps to make the room look Interior larger.

The home is a place where you feel relaxed & the interior of your home should be comfortable and attractive.

Use decorative mirrors in your bedroom to add instant and natural light.

With Eye-catching tile you can make a style statement in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Cover as much of the wall as your budget allows.

Go green and add plants to your living places. The plants are not only beautiful but they can also clean household air and balance humidity.

Instead of hanging a painting on a bare wall, use rich, velvet curtains in a background. It will give beautiful look to your room.

The living area of your home should be spacious and walls should be light in color.

The storage pieces like closets, cupboards and chests of drawers may be brought to life if painted in colors matching to the rest of the interiors.

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