Here are some tips you should keep in mind while lighting your Home as lighting plays an important role in setting the ambiance in a Home.

  • The main lighting source should be bright to give a comfortable feeling at Home. Select light or bulb of relevant wattage.
  • Select such a light fixture which complements the overall theme of your Home.
  • Choose fixtures that are easy to maintain and spares and accessories should be easily available in future for replacement.
  • In Home, Children room should be bright and avoid floor lamps and glass lamps for safety.
  • Have extra plug points always that you can use during festivals and special occasions.
  • Place a lamp at a convenient distance in a bedroom so that one can operate it easily.
  • Use back panel lighting for television area or the bed as it adds a dazzling glow to the space.
  • Also consider the available natural light when selecting the artificial lighting methods.

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