Using different elements in your home elevation designing can help you to increase the beauty of your design. There are lots of elements which can be added to a modern home to give your home a unique look. Every element has its own characteristic and use. Among all the elements, the stone is one of the elements which can help you to give different look to your home.

Following are the 5 ways which can be used for your elevation designing:-

1. Using linear ashlar stone profile:-

This stone is also known as the ashlar-cut and it is derived from natural materials such as limestone, granite or slate. And it tends to have minimal joints. It can be kept in random or uniform patterns and has great texture. We just need to cut it smoothly on the top and bottom.

Using linear ashlar stone profile-3d-power-3d-elevation

2. Using stone veneer to highlight unique design elements with texture:-

Perfect texture can help you to add beauty. Natural stone veneer can achieve this concept easily, we can use it as profiles, patterns and the types of cuts used all create the lines for your eye to follow. These can be used for an architectural, landscaping feature or to draw the eye from one element to the next.

Using stone veneer to highlight unique design elements with texture

3. Using clean-cut dimensional stone capping to accentuate lines:-

The dimensional stone is the natural stone or a rock that has been cut and can be made of specific sizes or shapes. It can be used in different styles and profiles for anchor wall & anywhere else, adding punctuation and accentuating lines.


4. Using slate tile as a ground cover:-

The slate tiles can make a good-looking ground cover in an outdoor garden, or on pathways to and around your modern-style home.


5. You can create an interior stone feature wall:-

Building an interior feature wall is one of the most popular applications of stone. This can take the shape of a fireplace surround, a floor-to-ceiling accent wall in a hallway or entrance area.


The above 5 ways can help you to use stones, which can add beauty to your places and make them look out of the world.

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