The 3D Exterior Rendering services are in demand now a days. It increases the potential of the property developers to get the prospective client. It helps you to showcase the features of your proposed buildings to the client. If you want to create realistic images then you need to focus on the exterior element of the elevation and rendering. From background to textures, every aspect of the 3D View should be enhanced.

Following are the 5 tips for better 3D Exterior Rendering,

1. Position of sun and shadow:

While producing an exterior rendering, positions of the sun and shadow are important. It is necessary to get them on the right position. If not then your view will look unrealistic. You should focus on the intensity of the light as too much brightness will be reducing the visual of our image or view. The shadow of the light will increase the attractiveness of the building if it is placed in the right place.

highrise apartment rendering company-3d power-sun-and-shadow-position
2. Sky:

While post-processing of the exterior rendering, add or position the sky in such a way that it should give a realistic feel to the render. If we incorporate the sky correctly, it gets merged with the background of the building and enhances the visual appeal of your exterior render.

3. Upgrade materials and textures:

The correct use of materials & texture can make your render perfect. The top companies which provide the best 3d Exterior Rendering Services use the material and texture in the right way. You need to be particular about it, need to choose the best materials and select textures from the available options.

4. Reflections:

When we do 3d exterior rendering we need to show the object reflections at the right place. If you have glass windows in your image, they will reflect other objects in their proximity. Top designers often add a background in the space behind the camera, so that it gets reflected on the glass.

5. Trees and plants:

Adding 3D vegetation in the background can give your render a realistic view. It gives a live effect to the view than the 2D plants. The 3D trees take larger memory and hence it takes a longer time to get rendered. Also, you should avoid the repetition of the plants in every view. The same pattern of trees in different areas will look unrealistic.


The above tips can help you to make your 3D Exterior Rendering more realistic and perfect.

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